The 9th HOUR starts Jan. 25

The teachers and staff at Racine Lutheran High School want to see every student graduate with a love for God and their neighbor.  We want to see students go on to be successful workers, leaders, and family members.

To graduate from RLHS, a student must earn 25.5 credits.  Passing a semester course is worth a half (.5) credit. Passing both semesters of a yearlong course earns 1 credit. To graduate, a student needs to pass:

4 credits of Theology (4 years)

4 credits of English (4 years)

3 credits of Math (3 years)

3 credits of Science (3 years)

3 credits of Social Studies (3 years)

1.5 credits of PE (3 semesters)

.5 credit of Health (1 semester)

1 credit of Fine Arts/Music/Industrial Arts (2 semesters)

.5 credit in technology (1 semester)

5 credits of electives (can be in many different disciplines)

All equaling 25.5 credits (minimum requirement). 

Failing a required course can put graduation in jeopardy.  If a student fails several courses and can no longer earn enough credits to graduate, he/she will lose the privilege of being enrolled at RLHS. 

The teachers and staff at RLHS do not want this to happen.  Out of concern for students who are failing a course, we announce a new initiative called:  9th Hour

This 9th Hour study period will be held after school from 2:30 until 3:15 p.m. with the teacher of the class the student is failing. 

The 9th Hour begins on Monday, Jan. 25, at 2:30 p.m.

Beginning this Friday and continuing every Friday, teachers will run an “F” list.  If a student is on that list for one or more classes, he/she will be required to attend 9th Hour on the appropriate day(s) the following week. 

Here is the designated schedule:

Monday – Math   

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – English or Spanish

Thursday – Social Studies or any other courses

If a student is required to attend, the family is responsible for transportation home.  The student should leave the building promptly at 3:15 p.m.  If a student is involved in an after-school activity or sport, he/she may not attend that activity until the help session is over.  When the student achieves a passing grade, he/she will no longer be required to attend the 9th Hour.  

We are grateful for your cooperation and for the extra time and effort being put forth by our faculty.  We believe the 9th Hour initiative will be successful, and our students will benefit from the program.

If you have any concerns, you may contact me at or Mr. Justin Haun, Dean of Students, at  

Dave Burgess

Executive Director-Principal

Update on RLHS in-person learning

Greetings, Crusaders!

We are pleased to share with you the news we received today.  The City of Racine Health Department will allow us to open our school building and return to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 19.  Bus service will also resume on Jan. 19. 

The schedule for the next two weeks is as follows:

Monday, Jan. 11 – Virtual Purple Day

Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Virtual Gold Day

Wednesday, Jan. 13 – Virtual Purple Day

Thursday, Jan. 14 – Virtual Gold Day

Friday, Jan. 15 – Virtual Friday 1-8 Day

Monday, Jan. 18 – No school (Professional Development)

Tuesday, Jan. 19 – IN-PERSON Purple Day

Wednesday, Jan. 20 – IN-PERSON Gold Day

Thursday, Jan. 21 – IN-PERSON Purple Day

Friday, Jan. 22 – IN-PERSON Gold Day

We will continue to maintain social distance, wear face coverings, and follow the lunch procedures in place this fall.  It is important to be rigorous in our safety measures to ensure we can continue to offer on-site, in-person classes.

Parents must continue to monitor their children’s health.  If the student and/or a member of the household is under quarantine due to positive COVID testing or exposure, he/she should not come to school.  Documentation will be required.  If a student has symptoms of illness, he/she should not come to school.  Contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

As always, please contact me directly with any concerns.  Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and patience during this challenging year.

God’s Peace,

Dave Burgess

Second Semester Plans

We hope this email finds you healthy, rested, and ready for second semester.  We are preparing for a virtual start to the semester; however, we hope to be in-person soon.

Schedules for the second semester (Sem2) can be viewed in JMC.  Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with your new schedule.

On Monday, Jan. 4, we will hold a material pick-up/return day.  If you are or were enrolled in any of the classes listed below, plan to come to school to pick up or return your books and materials.  If your teachers/classes are not listed, you do not need to come to the school on Monday. 

Please make sure the person picking up materials does not have symptoms of illness, is not waiting for COVID test results, or is not under quarantine.  Face coverings are required.

Classes that require materials to be picked up or returned on Jan. 4. (Search by teacher’s last name.)

RETURNS from first semester:

Bruening – Returns:  British Lit: Time Machine (if you have not returned it before Christmas)

                                  AP British Lit:  Grendel, and The Midsummer Night’s Dream 

                                  American Literature:  The Scarlet Letter

Henderson – Returns:  Intro to Construction textbook

PICK UP Materials/textbooks for second semester:

Barthel – Geometry

Bickel – Geometry, Essential Geometry, Algebra A

Dannehl – Intro to Art, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting I, Drawing & Painting II

Hasseldahl – Anatomy & Physiology:  textbook, if you did not pick up before Christmas, and any student who cannot print at home and needs copies of materials

Henderson – Intro to Construction:  textbook

Kohlmeier – Chemistry and Honors Chemistry:  textbook, if you did not pick up before Christmas

Menk – GIS:  materials

Meyers –  English & Speech:  All Freshmen English students – materials

                 American Lit:  materials

Michael – Traditional Literature:  All Sophomore English students – materials

                 American Lit:  materials

Pringle – AP British Lit and British Lit:  All Seniors – 2 novels and materials

Assigned pick-up times (By last name)

Assigned times are listed below.  Enter the parking lot, watch for directions, and remain in your vehicle until you are instructed to come into the school.  Students will enter the cafeteria door, and  they will exit through the Commons.  Face coverings are required.

Families, please arrive at the beginning of your time slot to avoid back-ups and keep our hallways safe/socially distanced during materials pick-up day.  Thank you.

8:00-8:30am  Agerholm-Beversdorf

8:30-9:00am  Blanchard-Charpentier

9:00-9:30am  Chirigotis-Dickkut

9:30-10:00am  Donaldson-Galvan

10:00-10:30am  Garcia-Gygax

10:30-11:00am  Habeck-Ibarra

11:00-11:30am  Iruegas-Kolstedt

11:30am-12:00pm  Kraus-Marweg

12:00-12:30pm  Matson-Newell

12:30-1:00pm  Niemiec-Ramirez

1:00-1:30pm  Ramsey-Schmierer

1:30-2:00pm  Schneider-Strande

2:00-2:30pm  Strasser-Walek

2:30-3:00pm  Wasik-Zurawski

The full schedule for the first week is:

Monday, Jan. 4 – material pick-up day

Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Purple (1-4)

Wednesday, Jan. 6 – Gold (5-8)

Thursday, Jan. 7 – Purple (1-4)

Friday, Jan. 8 – Gold (5-8).

Reminder – attendance is taken for all periods.  Students are expected to login at the beginning of each class (except regular study hall).  First period begins at 7:20 a.m. on Tuesday!  If a student cannot attend a class, the parent must report the absence to the Main Office at 637-6538.

Students should continue to monitor their emails for directions from their teachers.  

If you have questions or concerns about the above information or you cannot make your assigned pick-up time, please contact Mr. Haun at

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.  We look forward to a productive and enriching second semester.


Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the support you have given to the students and faculty at Racine Lutheran High School.  Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas, as we worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Dave Burgess

Executive Director-Principal