Racine Lutheran High School is offering a free estate planning service to our church and school family and friends. These one-on-one coachings are free and completely confidential. RLHS has nothing to sell you and there is no pressure involved. This is simply a gift to you for the benefit of our RLHS community. If you complete the will/estate process with SFC, there will be financial assistance given to you to help cover a portion of your attorney fees.

Estate planning (also called a will or trust) is a collection of documents that specify how you want your money and other assets distributed after your death, making it easier for your loved ones to handle your affairs during a time of grief.

RLHS is scheduling individual 1-hour appointments with Craig Mellendorf, a Certified Professional Gift Planner, and Tom Slye, one of SFC Estate Coaching Estate Coaches, to assist in setting up your will/trust/estate (or revise, if necessary). You can learn more about Craig and Tom by accessing their bios HERE

Watch the video below for information on SFC and the services they provide.

Additional Planning Documents

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25 Estate Documents You Need to Put In One Place
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Special Announcement Regarding Planning Meetings

Due to the recent health crisis, SFC Estate Coaching now provides the opportunity of meeting virtually through ZOOM. ZOOM is a reliable online virtual conferencing tool that allows users to speak in real time through a home computer, tablet, or cell phone. The leadership at Racine Lutheran recommends meetings take place virtually rather than face-to-face for the time being. To schedule an appointment please sign-up here or contact Tom Slye by email or call him at 262-236-5508. Spots are limited so sign-up today.