Concert with Concordia High School and Peter Klemp

The Concordia High School Band (from Omaha, Nebraska), under the director of Peter Klemp, made a stop at RLHS during its annual tour.  Mr. Klemp is a past RLHS teacher.  He was also Mr. Gullicksrud’s teacher in grade school – check out that vintage photo!!  The two schools’ musicians collaborated to present an incredible concert on Thursday evening.  So many thank yous…to the RLHS families who hosted our guests, to Mrs. Aumann who fed our guests, to Mr. Gullicksrud who organized this event, to everyone who attended the concert, and to the Mr. Klemp, the Concordia High School students and the chaperones who shared their time and talents with our community.  Please pray for their safe travels.  (More photos are posted on Facebook – Racine Lutheran High School Admissions.)



Tim and Pete snip