Purpose Statement

The purpose and mission of the Athletic Department is to provide structured instruction and competition in athletics within a Christ-centered environment. The Department develops, maintains, and promotes Christian ideals and the values of Racine Lutheran High School through participation in athletics. The Athletic Director, coaches, and other members of the department will work to provide opportunities and development of student-athletes in these areas:


  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth through team prayer, devotions, and Bible study.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to use God-given talents and display Christian values.
  • Enable coaches and players the chance to witness for Jesus Christ by word and action.
  • Build Christian relationships with teammates and opponents.


  • Offer an environment to develop fundamental physical skills through practice and competition.
  • Cultivate decision-making skills.
  • Teach athletes to accept responsibilities and decisions.
  • Maintain and improve academic standing while in structure of a season.


  • Display sportsmanship by actions regardless of situation.
  • Show self-control and poise in the face of adversity.
  • Allow maturation through intense emotional situations of competitive sports.


  • Provides an opportunity for students to learn from coaches the elements of leadership.
  • Allows students to develop skills in peer leadership.