RLHS Student of the Month – November

Racine Lutheran High School announces senior Josh Brouillette has been selected as the Student of the Month for November. Students are nominated by faculty in light of the 2017-18 school year theme: “The Greatest of These is Love.”

The nominating teacher shared:

Josh has been an excellent example of kindness throughout this year. He has helped hand out and collect student materials in class, often opening each student’s book to the correct starting page. He has gone out of his way to help others in the hallway and the cafeteria, even returning other students’ trays and dumping their garbage. On cold days, Josh has graciously given up his hoodie to fellow students who were chilled. Josh has completed his work on time, has volunteered in class, and truly has been an example of our school year theme – the greatest of these is love.

Brouilette, Josh (2)