RLHS presents “Cinderella and the Candy Kingdom”

The Racine Lutheran High School Theater Department presents “Cinderella and the Candy Kingdom” by Kelly Lazenby on Friday, Oct. 26, and Saturday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m., at the school, 251 Luedtke Avenue.

Everyone in Candy Kingdom has a sweet tooth, except for one poor, country girl:  Cinderella (Haiden Kraus).  She is neglected by her father (Keegan Lucareli), a dentist who is too busy with house calls; overworked by her bitter stepmother (Angelica Salinas); and teased and tormented by her two sticky stepsisters (Hannah Mains, Jesenya Vasquez-Marquez). Meanwhile, Queen Caramel (Kiersten Reynoso), the queen of Candy Kingdom, is throwing a “Gum Ball” for her son, Prince Reese (Jake Tietyen) to find him a bride. Alas, the prince is sour on the idea and is counting on his best friend Hershey (Ben Young) to get him out of it!  With the whole kingdom a-twizzle, Cinderella’s tooth fairy godmother (Jill Rosborough) shows up with her magical helpers, the Peeps (Brittney Harrison, Tessa Meredith, Emma Jung) and arranges for Cinderella to attend the ball. If Cinderella can go to the ball, maybe she will find a charming prince who doesn’t like sweets! The queen thinks Marsha Mallow (Camille Juga) will be a great match for her son, but he is not interested.  After the ball, the queen’s guards, M and M (Samantha Coolidge, Taylor Williams), join the prince and Hershey in the search for the foot that fits the shoe.

Here is the sweetest (and most clever) retelling of the Cinderella tale you’ve ever heard! Filled with candy puns, colorful characters, and comedy, “Cinderella and the Candy Kingdom” is fun for all ages.

Tickets are available at the door:  $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizen (55+) and high school students, and middle school and grade school students are admitted free.  Advance-purchase tickets can be reserved by calling the school at 637-6538.