Congratulations to our musicians!

Congratulations to our WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Medalists:

Gold Medals (14 total):

RLHS Handbell Ensemble (13): Amy Rosales, Felicity Smith, Camille Juga, Ben Young, Anna Walker, Sofia Luxem, Kierra Mohalley, Brittney Harrison, Connor Petricek, Dynasia Muns, Haiden Kraus, Paul Barthel, Charlie Nigro.

The handbells received a perfect score and were nominated for an “exemplary performance award” which means the judge thought they were the best performance of the day.

Clarinet Solo: Sofia Luxem

Silver Medals (12 total):

RLHS Chamber Choir (11):  Sofia Luxem, Anna Walker, Brittney Harrison, Taylor Williams, Cara Schielie, Jesenya Vasquez-Marquez, Bailey Seidel, Kaiden Leonard, Connor Petricek, Ben Young, Josh VanRuden.

Flute Solo: Kierra Mohalley