ATTENDANCE FOR FINALS IS MANDATORY! Students are expected to attend/login to each class during final exams.  If a student has not been excused from a particular class, non-attendance will result in a zero for the final exam/culminating activity.

If the student has technical or other issues that are preventing him/her from logging in, the parent must call the office immediately!!!  Call 637-6538.  The student must be online to be marked present.  Absences due to technical issues without parent notification will not be excused.  

The schedule is listed below:

Wednesday, December 16:

1st hour –  7:30-8:45

2nd hour – 8:55-10:10

3rd hour – 10:20-11:35

Thursday, December 17:

4th hour –  7:30-8:45

5th hour – 8:55-10:10

6th hour – 10:20-11:35

Friday, December 18:

7th hour –  7:30-8:45

8th hour – 8:55-10:10

Good luck on your exams and projects!